Pelargir Ship Captain

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   2  


Response: After Pelargir Ship Captain enters play, move 1 resource from the resource pool of a hero you control to another hero's resource pool.

Jake Murray

The Morgul Vale #135. Leadership.

Pelargir Ship Captain

Not really worth playing - basically a much worse Envoy of Pelargir. While Envoy refunds one of your resources, the Ship Captain is straight-up paying two to redistribute one. You'd have to have a ton of purple and basically nothing else to make that trade palatable. The only bonus you get for double the cost is an extra hit point, but still weak stats. He does have more potential targets in the odd case that you don't have Gondor or Noble heroes that work with your resource smoothing, but at that point most people would use the cheaper and repeatable Errand-rider.