Advance Warning

Event. Cost: 2.

Play only if each hero you control has a printed resource icon.

Action: Until the end of the phase, enemies do not make engagement checks.

Suddenly he halted and listened. Had he heard a whistle or not? Or was it the call of some strange bird? The Two Towers
Adam Lane

The DrĂșadan Forest #40. Lore.

Advance Warning

If you can afford to play this card in a Fellowship with an high player count this is basically one the best cards possible for a mono-Lore deck. Being able to avoid all enemies except those that you want to engage (although to a limit of 1 per player) is worth its weight in gold, especially since you can re-use this card for quite cheap with a Scroll of Isildur.

I also think it's worth noting that it's an Action not restricted to the Encounter Phase, so if you find yourself in one of those few quests where you are forced to make engagments checks outside the Encounter phase (and you have an available Action window) it can still be quite powerful to use.

About that last thing, are you sure that it stops the quest efect? I have the impression that you can't stop what the quest cards tell you to do. — Greensbrew 83
Can someone assure me if the action of this card stops enemies "immune to player card effects"? I think it might, by the argument that it tagets the framework more than the enemies. — Greensbrew 83
it does not stop them. the cardtext is a playercardeffect that directtly refers to (the) enemy and it is immun to it. it works on all other, that are not immun. in most cases immun work whenever an enemy is target of the effect, it work not, if an effect increase (the values of) a character — doomguard 2019
I think it would work on immune enemies if the card said, perhaps, "skip the encounter phase" or something along those lines then? — frozen 172