Forest Patrol

Event. Cost: 1.

Play only if you control at least 1 Ranger character.

Action: Deal 3 damage to an enemy with at least 1 Trap card attached to it.

"For coming unbidden to this play death is our law." Anborn, The Two Towers
Kristina Gehrmann

Assault on Osgiliath #89. Lore.

Forest Patrol

In a dedicated Trap deck it can be a good card, even being able to kill some enemies which got trapped in the staging area during the quest phase, avoiding us threat and future troubles. Quite often the play restriction is trivial since many heroes you would put in a trap deck have the Ranger trait.

I think this card should have require 3 or 4 rangers and dealt 5 damage, to make the deck-building more interesting. — NERD 721