Ranger Bow

Attachment. Cost: 1.



Attach to a Ranger character.

Action: Exhaust Ranger Bow and attached character to deal 1 damage to an enemy in the staging area.

Two had great bows, almost of their own height, and great quivers of long green-feathered arrows.
The Two Towers
Aurelien Hubert

Assault on Osgiliath #88. Lore.

Ranger Bow

Actually not that bad of a card. Especially good on allies (not so much on heroes) that do nothing after triggering their "enters play" effects. Slap one or two on your Guardian of Ithilien or your Andrath Guardsman and just deal some damage continouusly. Works really well against those pesky "cannot leave the staging area" pseudo-archery enemies like the infamous Golblin Sniper from the Core Set, since those enemies often tend to be low on hitpoints.

Taudir 337