Squire of the Citadel

Ally. Cost: 1. 0   0   1   1  


Response: After Squire of the Citadel leaves play, add 1 resource to a Gondor hero's resource pool.

As he spoke he struck a small silver gong that stood near his footstool, and at once servants came forward.
The Return of the King
Anna Steinbauer

The Blood of Gondor #108. Leadership.

Squire of the Citadel

What can be said about these allies. The ultimate chump-blockers, the true graduates from the Snowbourn Academy of Expendable Characters, Valiant Sacrifice's best friends, the look on their eyes is too pure and hopeful for this world so they are doomed to leave it soon and brutally.

Chump-blocking aside they can still be put to good use with the help of Visionary Leadership and Boromir, even though in that case I would have preferred for them to have 0 and 2 Hit Points, to better deal with some treacheries and with archery.

"Snowbourn Academy of Expendable Characters" Lol! I love it! — k_rock 23
Playing this card with Lothíriel basically allows you to print money haha (same as Envoy of Pelagir) — FolcoBoffin 306