The Hammer-stroke

Event. Cost: 2.

Encounter Action: Engage each enemy in play.

..we have this honour: ever we bear the brunt of the chief hatred of the Dark Lord, for that hatred comes down out of the of the depths of time and over the deeps of the Sea.
Denethor, The Return of the King
Magali Villeneuve

The Blood of Gondor #111. Tactics.

The Hammer-stroke

One of the most spectacular uses I've found for this card is in a multiplayer game in Khazad Dum/Dwarrowdelf cycle, when players tend to get overrun by a swarm of low-health enemies: play The Hammer-stroke during a critical moment of the scenario and then use Boromir's ability to discard him and deal 2 damage to each enemy that you've just engaged (it works even better if someone uses Thalin and can exhaust some ranged character to play Rain of Arrows). Not only is this extremely thematic "last stand" for this character, but this sacrafice often allows the group to make a final push and win the game. This was one of the most exciting and satistyfing moves I managed to pull off in this game. Ever.

warlock000 3365
That is indeed a very satisfying combo, though mainly possible in those first quests where lots of enemies had 2/3 hit points. Lately it's become a rare occurence, though you could supplement the combo with Rain of Arrows and Pursuing the Enemy — Alonewolf87 1921
Great explanation. I do not own the card but when i first saw it totally thought it was trash. your explanation makes me thin it's gold — Truck 1409