Azain Silverbeard

Ally. Cost: 3. 0   3   2   2  

Dwarf. Warrior.

Response: After Azain Silverbeard participates in an attack that destroys an enemy, spend 1 resource to deal 2 damage to another enemy that shares a Trait with the destroyed enemy. Any player may trigger this response.

Marius Bota

Flight of the Stormcaller #4. Tactics.

Azain Silverbeard

Another good ally for Tactics, especially for big Fellowship where its response can be quite useful allowing for a pseudo-ranged (even in the staging area) additional attack which ignores enemies , and some times even a free kill, especially if it's combined with an hero with Mighty Prowess. Azain can also be boosted with cards like Raiment of War, Squire's Helm or even Round Shield if you need an emergency defender. And I really like the artwork.