Taste it Again!

Event. Cost: 1.

Response: After a hero you control defends an attack made by an enemy with engagement cost higher than your threat, ready that hero. Until the end of the phase, that hero gets +2 while attacking that enemy.

"We're going on; but we'll settle with you first. Come on, and taste it again!" Sam Gamgee, The Two Towers
Piya Wannachaiwong

The Land of Shadow #11. Leadership.

Taste it Again!

A nice card in combination with Sam Gamgee, particularly if he is wearing a Hobbit Cloak to survive an attack. In a standard Hobbit deck with low threat, Sam typically readies himself when you engage an enemy and he will now have Attack 2 before any modifier from attachments. If he can survive in defence then this card will ready him again and he will now have Attack 4 for his counter-attack. Thus, typically this card will cost you one resource for at least 4 Attack against an engaged enemy (possibly more if Sam has other Attack bonuses). That compares favourable with many direct damage cards in Tactics (e.g., Swift Strike, Skyward Volley, Goblin-cleaver, Fierce Defense) but it requires surviving Defence first. Since Hobbit decks have limited attack power, this is a useful card that can help you deal with difficult enemies engaged with you. It is generally strong in a Hobbit deck using Sam Gamgee and I would recommend inclusion in most decks of this kind.

Also one of the best lines from the books. Action hero Samwise. — The1Ringer 43