Unlikely Friendship

Event. Cost: 0.

Play only if you control a unique character with the Silvan trait and another unique character with the Dwarf trait.

Action: Draw 1 card and add 1 resource to the resource pool of a hero you control.

...folk that saw them pass marvelled to see such companions…
The Return of the King
Aleksander Karcz

The Sands of Harad #7. Leadership.

Unlikely Friendship

If you are using any Silvan and Dwarf combo, especially Hero Legolas with Gimli (see my Legolas review on why this is one of the best Hero pairs in game), this is a must include x3 card

Why? Because there is only upside and no downside to having 3x of this card in your deck, as long as you keep meeting the requirement of a unique Silvan and Dwarf trait character. And in early game with the aforementioned heroes, meeting the requirements is a sure thing.

Let's look at the two upsides:

(1) The card has zero cost and draws 1 card, shrinking your deck as you use/discard this for free and replace with the next card. This makes your deck effectively 3 cards smaller (47 cards instead of minimum 50), so all your other cards have a greater % chance of being drawn into your hand.

(2) The above by itself would make the card worth including x3 - but then it also adds one resource to any hero you control!

Bonus Combo: Add a readying benefit (and choose the exact timing of it) by adding that resource on a Heir of Mardil Hero.

And if you have a "perfect" 50 card deck already? Add 3x of this card anyways (if you meet the Silvan/Dwarf requirement) - it makes your deck effectively the same 50 card size, but you still gain the benefit of additional resource generation.

Multi purpose, interesting combos, free to play... this card is magnificent.