Wealth of Gondor

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This deck is all about passing the wealth of Gondor on to other players. I use it as a second deck to augment a deck with zero resource acceleration and more expensive cards. Sometimes a Lore Ranger deck, maybe a Tactics Eagle deck, etc. Passing resources around in a four player game makes everyone happy! Do the right thing and be generous with your wealth.

The main theme is generating and giving resources:

  • There are 25 cards that can gain or transfer resources
  • A Very Good Tale and Herald keep you from needing your own resources

The secondary theme is boosting the Gondor trait. When everything is up and running (and For Gondor! has been played), that's +2WP, +2ATK, and +1DEF

If another player can provide this deck with card draw, you can swap out The Rod of the Steward for something in the sideboard.

I'm still playing around with the sideboard options. If Steward of Gondor is placed on another player's hero, you may not need Parting gifts. If the other deck(s) don't have any Gondor heroes, you may need a few copies of In Service of the Steward.

This deck does not work solo, you will have way too many resources.