Outlands and Midgets

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Twood02 47

This is a more or less typical Outlands deck that uses Sam for an early boost to questing and action advantage, plus Balin for card draw and cancellation.

While it should work well in multiplayer, so far I've only tested it in solo. It beat Siege of Annuminas after a couple tries.

Usage Instruction: Get a swarm of allies out, and then make repeated use of their versatile stats through ally readying events. Strength of Arms is great in multiplayer games, but even Ever Vigilant can be quite useful for readying Faramir so you can reapply his willpower bonus.

Heroes: All three heroes are fairly adept at questing and defense.

  • Balin isn't a flashy hero, but he gives you access to King Under the Mountain and lets you avoid shadow cards. You could potentially add in Durin's Song as well if you find him needing unexpected boosts during the early game when you are relying on him and Sam.
  • Hirluin will take time to develop, but you can speed him along with the Dunedain Warnings. I find him more useful for defending than attacking because it lets him make use of both the bonus defense and health he will get from his Outlander friends. Of course that ignores his Ranged keyword--if this deck needs to help others more in multiplayer, then put the Warnings on Sam or Balin.
  • Sam will generally be able to ready when you engage because of the deck's low threat. With a cloak and pony out he is reasonably hardy, although he will be surpassed by the Outlanders late game.

Sideboard: If nobody else is using Steward, then of course include it in this deck, dropping the Hidden Caches and a Celebrian's Stone. You could also consider swapping Denethor in for Sam, adding Errand Riders and Durin's Song instead of the Hobbit cards. That might be a better deck, but then I'd have to think up a new title...


Dec 04, 2017 Twood02 47

I'm thinking about taking this to the 2017 Fellowship Event... any suggestions to improve it are appreciated!

Dec 04, 2017 Seastan 15101

@Twood02Solid deck. My suggestion would be to make Lord of Morthond 3x since it's your main source of card draw.

Dec 05, 2017 死锁 61

I think 1x Forlong might be better,draw Forlong too early is not a good thing because his ablity haven't been triggered,and you will never draw the 2nd one which is useless,but I'm not sure it's suitable for this atypical outland deck.

And for me,if i use King Under the Mountain,I always add 3x Hidden Cache and 3x Ered Luin Miner to have fun.