Lord of Morthond

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a Gondor or Outlands hero.

If each hero you control has a printed resource icon, Lord of Morthond gains: "Response: After you play a , , or ally, draw 1 card."

"The Captains of the Outlands are expected up the South Road ere sundown. Come with us and you will see." Bergil, The Return of the King
Sara Biddle

Encounter at Amon Dîn #58. Leadership.

Lord of Morthond

Because this card has no reviews, I thought I would point out something cool about mono-sphere decks here. Each sphere has three cards that specifically benefit mono-sphere decks. Each sphere has a 3 cost event that needs to be purchased by three different heroes (ex. Thicket of Spears), each sphere has a 2 cost event that requires only heroes of the card's sphere (ex. Advance Warning), and most interestingly, each sphere has a card that benefits from a mono-sphere deck. Rather nicely, these final four cards belong to each of the main card types, hero, ally, attachment, and event. I thought I should point this out.

NERD 826

It seems strange to me that no one is gushing praise for this card. First, it seems obvious this card was made for playing Outlands characters and is quite effective for doing so. For example, Hirluin the Fair can play Ethir Swordsman and draw a card from Lord of Morthond. This is great. Second, it is perhaps even more potent with Silvan tricks that are already quite powerful without this boost. Any mono-leadership deck is likely to be running three copies of the much-praised Steward of Gondor, whose resource generation has warped the entire game from day one. Let's say Thranduil becomes Steward of Gondor (thus gaining the Gondor trait) followed by Lord of Morthond. The Elvenking becomes recurring card draw in addition to its already useful function, Feigned Voices now replaces itself when Galion is replayed for free with Thranduil's combat ability, and Host of Galadhrim becomes the best card-draw event in the game in addition to its other benefits. I suppose one could even run both Outlands and Silvan in the same deck with Hirluin the Fair, Thranduil, and Celeborn leading the way to a full four-color army of "cantrip" allies?

DunYoss 39