The Grudge

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Beorn 4651

This deck is based one of the least-discussed "what-ifs" of the Third Age. What if Denethor didn't begrudge Aragorn his rightful place as the King of Gondor? In this alternate history, Denethor yields his role as Steward of Gondor to the rightful heir. In his role as king, Aragorn receives the Stewardship, along with all its accompanying powers (e.g. the Rod of the Steward). Basically, every attachment in this deck belongs on Aragorn, along with all of the extra resources.

Duplicate cards are discarded to Arwen to aid the king, and once Aragorn has the Gondor trait thanks to Steward, Denethor can send him resources as well. This maximizes the effectiveness of two of the most broken cards in the game in Gondorian Fire and Blood of Numenor. With the support of all involved, Aragorn will amass an embarrassment of wealth. Gandalf shows up from time to time, to deal with whatever problems might arise.

Even with relatively few allies, the deck should handle questing well. Sword that was Broken and Celebrian's Stone see to that. Galadriel helps get critical attachments into play, and further supports questing efforts. One particularly nice combo that Denethor facilitates is a first turn Galadriel into Sword that was Broken on Aragorn. If you can spare a discard to Arwen, you can still play a first turn Steward on Aragorn - thanks to the Leadership sphere granted by the sword. Denethor opens up some truly amazing opening turns.

With readying on Aragorn, he should be able to handle defending and attacking with ease. Gondorian shield turns Denethor into a more than capable defender, and the allies can be used as fodder to help you survive the early game. Once Aragorn has Blood and Fire and a decent number of resources he will be unstoppable. Use the card draw from Elven-light and Rod Stewart to find any critical pieces that you need.


May 06, 2016 Seastan 12892

No Rohan Warhorse for Aragorn?

May 06, 2016 Some Sort 1311

Hah, @Seastan can't see Blood/Fire in a deck without checking to make sure it includes absolutely every piece of readying possible. "Excuse me, but it seems you forgot to squeeze out half an ounce of use out of those super-broken attachments. I mean, you'll still probably roll the board, but you could maybe do it half a round faster still." :)

May 07, 2016 Beorn 4651

It's a fair point. Rohan Warhorse is in the sideboard for this deck, along with Westfold Horse-breeder, Quick Strike, Hasty Stroke and Power of Orthanc. Still, between the Miruvor and Unexpected Courage, I feel like the Warhorse is not an absolute must. Thanks to the card draw efficiency of Elven-light, you can even afford to put Miruvor back on top of your deck a couple of times. In enemy-heavy scenarios (or games where this deck is the primary combat option), the Warhorse makes a lot of sense.

May 07, 2016 Seastan 12892

Yeah, I just figured that with Steward on Aragorn, and Denethor and Arwen both being able to give him more resources, Tactics resources will be plentiful. With that in mind I'd rather spend Aragorn's resources on a readying effect than Arwen's.

May 09, 2016 Sechen 111

Well, if you're lucky you'll get the Sword and the Stone pretty quickly, so Aragorn's resources function as resources of any color. At that point, you'ld actually rather be able to spend Arwen or Denethor's resources than Aragorn's, if possible.

May 15, 2016 bzgaming 65

Rohan Warhorse wouldn't work well anyway. It's restricted and Aragorn is already set to have 2 restricted attachments: Celebrían's Stone and Gondorian Shield.

May 23, 2016 Beorn 4651

I wrote an article about this deck at the Hall of Beorn blog: