The Armies of Gondor

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Gizlivadi 1113

Gizlivadi has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Armies of Gondor 2.0

My current take on my favorite archetype ever: Mono Leadership Gondor. At first I doubted new Denethro for this deck, but I really underestimated him. The low threat and extra starting resources are crucial, so you can play a bunch of cards first round, and with Heir of Mardil you can use his ability to have Boromir quest and have him ready for combat. You definitely need to mulligan for Celebrían's Stone, Visionary Leadership, a couple allies or any way to generate willpower for the first round, as nowadays quests start with a lot of threat in play and we only have 4 among our heroes. Rod is great to keep fueling your hand, and in the late game when you have millions of resources it can allow for really explosive end games. Galadriel is also really helpful to fetch a Sword that was Broken first round (ideally), or any other useful attachment. Once you have a nice amount of willpower and a few allies, you can keep building from there, making your army as quickly as possible.

As all my decks, this is mainly meant to be played solo. And while I hope the best is yet to come for Leadership Gondor in The Flame of the West, I think the Flight of the Stormcaller really gave a nice boost to this archetype. Feedback is welcome!


May 19, 2016 Gizlivadi 1113

Just had a victory against Flight of the Stormcaller. The Stormcaller had 19 progress on stage 4 and I had 0 at that stage, and my heading in the worst setting. Decided to just not commit anyone to sail and quested with everything I got, including 5 allies, Faramir, Sword that was Broken and Visionary Leadership, getting slightly more than enough to win the quest.

May 20, 2016 Beorn 13562

I quite like this deck - especially your decision to include the incredibly underrated Herald of Anórien. Since the Veteran of Osgiliath is such an amazing ally in this deck (especially on turns you use Strength of Arms), I would even consider including Legacy of Numenor. At the very least, it can be a sideboard card. Now thanks to Rod Stewart, there is little risk of the resources going unused, since you can always just trade them for more cards. Hitting 40 threat at just the right moment can allow you to finish off a quest. Obviously, this hyper-aggressive strategy won't work for every situation, but it is something to consider.

May 20, 2016 Gizlivadi 1113

Thanks! I too love the Herald of Anórien, as he basically lets me start out with a bang most of the times. The extra 2 resources on Denethor normally mean Herald + another ally, and I still have resources left for a Celébrían's Stone or Visionary Leadership. If I were to include a sideboard I would include Legacy of Númenor, even if I would not maindeck it for the majority of quests. But yeah, for more "YOLO" quests it can be an explosive boost, I agree.

May 20, 2016 chrsjxn 4947

I usually splash Warden of Healing with Herald of Anórien, because two threat for healing is definitely worth it. And with A Very Good Tale you have even more chances.

May 20, 2016 Gizlivadi 1113

Indeed, a Warden or two would be great with the ally dumping effects. I mean, you run the risk of not being able to play him right away, but it seems like a risk worth running. Deck space is tight, though. I guess an Errand Rider can go to put him in. I'll try it next time I play with the deck.

Jul 05, 2016 DukeWellington 186

I recently used this type of deck with a buddy. He ran a mono green ranger trap deck. Since most Rangers are Gondor, Boromir and Visionary Leadership gave him a huge boost (and he ran Wardens of Healing). A pleasant surprise was the Master of Lore. Even with errata the guy is worth playing because of resource acceleration in green, but with the Gondor buffs he is totally worth the 3 cost.

My point is this deck is outstanding when paired with a mono green Gondor deck.

Jul 05, 2016 Gizlivadi 1113

Hey, it's pretty good on its own too though! Lol Thanks for the good feedback!

Jul 08, 2017 Morgothsfoot 10

Can you recommend a few quests that this deck would be good against? I don't usually play much Leadership and I want to try this out. Also, are there any new cards you would add since you published this?

Jul 09, 2017 Gizlivadi 1113

Yes, I had forgotten to write an update for this deck. Checked my current solo version and the changes I've made are: -1 Celebrían's Stone, -2 Heir of Mardil (not a bad card at all, but probably the least necessary), -1 Veteran of Osgiliath, -1 Faramir, +1 Dúnedain Remedy, and +3 Knight of the White Tower (one of the best allies in this deck). So as you can see, I also cut the deck down to 50 cards.

As for quests, this is a pretty generalist solo deck so it can beat a variety of quests from something like Into Ithilien to A Shadow of the Past. Now, the most suitable for this are, first and foremost, quests that don't punish ally swarm (duh), or better yet if they reward it (this one's good for sailing), quests that don't heavily punish chump-blocking, and in general this deck is good against fast paced aggro quests (particularly the Heirs/Against the Shadow quests as they reward mono-sphere). If you wanna have a more leisurely time, the Dwarrowdelf quests and general Moria quests provide good stomping grounds for this. Also, your comment got me curious as I hadn't tested this against the current cycle, and got a nice clean win out of Race in the second attempt, so this deck hasn't lost its edge. Thanks for your interest!

Jul 11, 2017 Morgothsfoot 10

Cool. I'll have to try out the new cards. This was the exact kind of deck I was looking for. I don't use much Leadership and many of these attachments have never seen my table. Really fun deck to play.