Silvan Rainbow

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Silvan Rainbow - Minor Edits 2 1 0 1.0
Aussie Bush Folk - The Dunland Trap (Solo - Progression) 2 1 0 1.0
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WanderingTook 1104

Theme Song

      Theeeeey caaaaan do anythiiing

              From the woods

            They're crazy good

    A Siiiiilvaaan Raaaaaaainboooooooow!


A Silvan quad-sphere jack-of-all-trades deck. LaVar Burton would approve.


Silvan cards are so wonderfully appealing, but Celeborn and Galadriel just work so well together, and Galadhrim Minstrel is an integral part of keeping the Silvan machine running. The solution? Cast Legolas as the hero and use Narya to impart Galadriel with a resource icon.


Mulligan for Nenya. If you can snag O Lórien! too, then even better.

Light of Valinor goes on Celeborn so that he can be of use in combat. This deck lacks a strong defender, but Feigned Voices and Feint can get you out of a bind.

From there it's the standard Silvan strategy: Recycle Galadhrim Minstrel liberally to keep your hand well stocked with events. Galadhrim Weaver can help recycle the events you need most for the situation at hand.

Galadriel will require the most resources, so use Legolas and Celeborn to pay for the cards.

The inclusion of cards allows this deck to provide combat support in terms of the ranged keyword and direct damage effects.