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Took-Abuse Quartet
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richardplunkett 14

This deck is intended to abuse the wandering took/song of earendil combo.

You draw your whole deck, then set up the second player as a threat sink, allowing the use of lots of doomed cards.

In the first planning phase: First step is to draw you entire deck (your friends can help here). Play GoodHarvest to allow youto pay for Spirit cards. Use Message from Elrond x2 to give Desperate Alliance and Vanish from Sight to the 2nd player, who then plays them both, giving you his green hero, and becoming 20 threat for the remainder of the phase. Play Song of Earendil on his Blue hero and Favor of the Valar on his dial.

Play Wandering Took in front of yourself,

Move Took around, triggering Song of Earendil until everyone is zero threat, except for the second player (who threat is now nearly 200, but appear to be 20).

Play any doomed cards you are still holding, then Will of the West will cycle players 1 discard pile, which they redraw, focusing on doomed cards. Each Will of the West played means every other player draws 6 cards and collects 3 resources per hero.

First player planning phase ends with everyone having drawn there entire deck, and everyone having 48+ resources per hero. The remaining players play out there hands (of which about 20 are free to be anything). At the end of the Planning phase, the second player stops appearing to be 20 threat, the Favor of the Valar prevents them being eliminated and sets them to 45 threat. The wandering took can then be use to move some of this threat to the other players, leaving everyone on 11 or 12 threat.