Took-Abuse Quartet


These decks are intended to abuse the Wandering Took/Song of Eärendil combo with Vanish from Sight to remove almost all threat from all players, thus further allowing abuse of doomed cards to draw cards and collect resources. Cards, combos and uses have been confirmed valid under the current FAQ (1.8)

First players draws their whole deck, then set up the second player as a threat sink, allowing the use of lots of doomed cards.

The players can spend 20 threat worth of Doomed cards before the combo goes off, this should usually take the form of 2 Legacy of Númenor and 6 Deep Knowledge, though occasionally a The Seeing-stone will be needed.

In the first planning phase: First step is to get the first player to draw their entire deck. (Everyone can help here). Basically the players as a whole will play out there various card draw events. You need 3 Purple resource to pay for 3 Campfire Tales. You also need 3 green resource to pay for 3 Heed the Dream - which should usually target the first player and players should rarely if ever trigger the pay extra option. We are not idle should exhaust your dwarf hero, but give the resource to whomever needs it most (earlier resource management can help with paying for early Keen as Lances) - There are 12 between all decks which cost a total of 15 credits to play, but the first couple cost most of that. Gandalf's Search is in there as a pay 1 to draw 1, basically same as Hidden Cache. Daeron's Runes has to be used with care, since there are few cards you wish to discard. The first player will likely toss Will of the West, hidden cache, or maybe Seeing Stone. The other players should probably toss an ally.

I have run a software sim of the decks and they will fail to draw the first player's whole deck less than 1 in 5 million tries, in these instances, just play out the first turn as best you can and try again on the second turn.

Once the first player has there whole deck (or at least the payload bit): Play GoodHarvest to allow you to pay for Spirit cards. Use Message from Elrond x2 to give Desperate Alliance and Vanish from Sight to the 2nd player, who then plays them both, giving you their green hero, and becoming 20 threat for the remainder of the phase. Play Song of Eärendil on 2nd's Blue hero and Favor of the Valar on 2nd's dial and Wandering Took in front of yourself,

Move the Wandering Took around, triggering Song of Earendil until everyone is zero threat, except for the second player (who threat is now nearly 200, but appear to be 20).

Everyone plays out any doomed cards they are still holding, then Will of the West will cycle 1st player's discard pile, which they redraw, focusing on playing doomed cards and credit generation cards. Each discard cycle means every other player draws 9 cards and collects 3 resources per hero. Cards you want in you discard pile the second time around and onward: 3x Deep Knowledge 3x Legacy of Númenor 2x Mithrandir's Advice 1x The Seeing-stone 3x Unlikely Friendship 3x Campfire Tales (optional) 3x Heed the Dream (optional) 3x Gandalf's Search (optional) 1x Message form Elrond (optional after stable)

The Legacies are the only 3 cards that don't draw, so play a Mithradir's and if needed a Seeing Stone into a Deep knowledge, you are then into the cards that draw. The very first time your discard gets shuffled back it will have some extra stuff in it, specifically up to 4 combo-related events up to 3 Daeron's runes and whatever you discarded when playing those. Still, at this stage you have at least 5 and usually 6 unplayed Deep Knowledge between the players, and a further average of 12 single card draw effects, more if you preferentially kept the Heed the Dream's and use their second effect (which you can now afford). Also, using the Heed the Dream's mean you can prefentially draw Mithrandir's Advice's from your recycled deck, with those now drawing three cards each (since you got the third green hero).

You get to cycle the deck 12 times. Each time cause every player to draw cards, although after the first or second time through every player has drawn their whole deck. Each cycle also plays 3x Legacy of Númenor, yielding 3 resource per hero, leaving each with ~48 resources when this is all done.

First player planning phase ends with everyone having drawn their entire deck, and everyone having 48+ resources per hero. The remaining players play out there hands (of which about 20 are free to be anything - but these specific decks have mostly chosen outlands allies. At the end of the Planning phase, the second player stops appears to be 20 threat, the Favor of the Valar prevents them being eliminated and sets them to 45 threat. The wandering took can then be use to move some of this threat to the other players, leaving everyone on 11 or 12 threat. You enter the first quest phase with empty decks, fully developed boards with ~15 high quality allies, and ready to quest and fight through pretty much anything. The first player has no allies. They could use Message from Elrond in the the cycle a few times to get a few ally cards off other players, to play, but I have instead just thrown in a couple of sentinel and ranged allies to cover anything they are force to engage.


Dec 20, 2016 noctum 17

Hi what softaware were you running? I would like to run som simulations but i suck at programing

Dec 20, 2016 richardplunkett 14

Sorry, it was some hand-coded C++, pretty much just for this. I was sick of some other 'draw everything' decks giving vague assurances but not reliably working when I tried them. I also need some way to measure the load I place on the extra players for drawing cards (and things like whether I needed 3 We Are not Idle, and if I needed to add Gandalf Search's to the non-first player.

May 27, 2017 Wandalf the Gizzard 491

How does this work: "The wandering took can then be use to move some of this threat to the other players, leaving everyone on 11 or 12 threat." Multiple songs of earendil?

May 27, 2017 richardplunkett 14

You don't need multiple Song of Eärendil in play in the initial stage, one is sufficient to move everyone's threat to the second player. But the second player will then have 45 threat. But there are extra Song of Eärendil's in the second deck that can be played on the other players' heroes and then be used to move the threat to other players and that is what this line refers to. They should have allowed you to have one Song of Eärendil per player, but I seem to have slightly screwed up the allocation of Songs of Travel that would be needed to play them (I may have forgotten the Spirit Hero requirement at the time). Easily fixed: replace the Armored Destrier in the third deck with a Song of Earendil, then replace one Song of Earendil in the second deck with a Song of Travel. Thus everyone can have a Spirit hero to put a Song of Earendil on if you want the share the residual threat around fully. Does that make sense?

May 27, 2017 Wandalf the Gizzard 491

Yes, thanks a bunch!