Mirlonde's Minstrels

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Legolas' new knives aren't just for the dynamic duo. Thankfully, they benefit any Silvan hero. Unfortunately, without a method of acting in multiple phases, the Mirkwood Long-Knives are less than stellar. Enter Light of Valinor! Usually more impactful from the get-go, here we can build our own Glorfindel!

Why not just play Glorfindel, you ask?

In the current card pool, we now have two great Glorfindels at our disposal. With other tools for decks like Caldara, he's in high demand. Additionally, by running Mirlonde, we can go heavier into Lore. How heavy? All the heavy.

If we're in Mono-Lore, Mithrandir's Advice joins the party of digging tools, adding piles of card draw. Then, Song of Travel enables the Mirkwood Long-knives and Light of Valinor. We could run A Good Harvest, but since we're Mono-Lore, we may as well play Love of Tales! Additionally, we want two knives and a light, so the song lets us play them over multiple turns.

So, with a single Love of Tales, Song of Travel costs zero resources. That's all well and good, but Song of Earendil becomes free in both resources and cards. Our other songs may not be fantastic, but they provide some fun effects and can gain resources when we have multiple Love of Tales. To the Sea, to the Sea can reduce the cost of Arwen, Elrond, Master of the Forge, and Rivendell Minstrel, while Tale of Tinuviel can ready Aragorn with any of the above allies or Galdor.

Since we're already in Spirit with the Song, we may as well run A Test of Will, because it's A Test of Will.

This deck is light on blocking. However, it does have some effects that get better with partners. Tale of Tinuviel can help other players, as can To the Sea, to the Sea. As always, Deep Knowledge is helpful for everyone, especially since Song of Earendil lets you soak the threat, leading to the inclusion of Aragorn. If you're playing with more than two, Henamarth Riversong should probably be replaced.

Based on the extra card draw available to Mono-Lore, I went with more one-ofs and two-ofs, especially with uniques.

Other options for this deck would be to replace Galdor with Elrond and go bigger, using Songs to try to run out Gildor to combo with Vilya, or perhaps adding a more defensive hero or buffs for Aragorn and using A Burning Brand to block for yourself.


Jan 05, 2017 teamjimby 488

Cool deck idea. This is something I would never think of, but I could see it being pretty effective. Some other cards I would consider are Glorfindel ally (since you already have To the Sea and lots of card draw) and Scroll of Isildur (to recur the card draw effects).

Jan 06, 2017 mekane 26

I agree, this is a cool build. Creative idea to work around a limitation and also build a powerful deck while you're at it. I love the Lore power draw.