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Gob 15

Strong solo pack, based on heroes obvious interractions.

It's basically an Aragorn good stuff, fueled by Arwen and/or Erestor extra draw. The deck can be summarized like this: Play anything in your hand, or discard it, next turn will always bring something to solve your problem.

Main issue are the two firsts turns, which with 31 threat can be very complicated. One should mulligan to have at least 1 untap for Aragorn (Turn 1) and 1 playable ally .

After this, threat is no longer a problem thanks to elrond's counsels wich are regularly coming back in hand. Permanent negatives attachments could be a major threat for this deck, that's why i usually get orthanc's power in sideboard.

I cleaned almost everything until "sands of harad" (not tried yet).

I'll gladly answer question if any, i didn't fully explained the pack by lack of time :)


Apr 17, 2017 The White Wizard 300

Why no Tale of Tinuviel? Also, I think three copies of more cards such as Treebeard and Sword that was Broken would be awesome.

Apr 17, 2017 Gob 15

Tale of tinuviel isn't that good. It's "until the end of phase" and consequently Arwen can't quest if aragorn wants to be up...

You may be wright, but experience showed that "big cards" are often too expensive for this deck. Sadly i havn't always steward of gondor in the early turns, and these cards become unplayable. As i already explained, early turns are difficult, and later the game runs very easy as Aragorn grows and become Godmod. Nowadays this deck is very stable in this configuration. That's why i share it in this form.

A version with +1 treebeard, + 1 sword might be possible, i think with -1 horse breeder and -1 imladris stead.

Recent cards like Andrath Guardsman, steed of the north may be included in this deck. I'll try them soon.