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Mono Gondor & Manipulate
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Become the Forest *CotR Deckbox* 61 49 8 1.0
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camipco 33


Jun 11, 2017 Maogrim 97

I really like Mono Lore Encounter Manipulation! But bringing Gandalf's Staff for his ally version doesn't seem to be worth it if you have to pay all these resources as well as having to raise your threat.

And with all these events you also might want to have a look at Galadhrim Minstrel, who can also act as a cheap blocker after she's fetched the card. The Long Defeat is quite nice too!

Jun 12, 2017 camipco 33

The threat is pretty trivial given how much you have to work with. But yeah, Galadhrim Minstrel is probably more powerful than the Gandalf attachments.