A Journey to Rhosgobel solo

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Wandalf the Gizzard 505

This is the deck I used to win AJtR solo. I try to blast through stage one as soon as possible to travel to rhosgobel and start healing wilyador. On stage two, thanks to Denethor, I don't need to use the quest card's scrying effect. Once I know I have enough Athelas, (or Wilyador is completely healed) I blitz through for the win.

The cards I want to see in my opening hand are (in order of priority):

-Lore of Imladris or Radagast. To heal Willy

-Steward of Gondor and Song of Kings. I'll need those extra resources

-A Test of Will

-Haldir, Forest Snare, or Gandalf. To deal with the flying enemies

-Some form of willpower to clear stage one