A Unlickely Friendship of Archers

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Noble Noldor, Silvan Archers and a Unlikely Friendship
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Benedikt 186

This is a 100% multiplayer deck, which wants to support questing and defending decks with a lot of archery. Mulligan for O Lórien! to reduce the cost of the silvan allies. The rest ist optional, though a weapon attachmant would be a benefit in the starting hand to play the weapon events like Foe-hammer and Goblin-cleaver. Everytime you build a deck with hero Legolas, you have to think if the ally version (Legolas) isn't the better option and you choose another ranged tactics hero. But in this deck I want to play my noldor/silvan attachemants on my hero to use the tactics events, which only work with heros. With the Elven Spear you get acces to those tactics events with a zero-cost attachment.

Carddraw is about Goblin-cleaver and Unlikely Friendship.

This deck is very utile for new players. They all like to get an easy job and just kill enemies. So Thalin weaks the enemies, your co-player engages and defends them and then you kill'em and also put progress on the quest.

If you have to engage an enemy, you can use Feigned Voices, Feint, Goblin-cleaver or Skyward Volley to not defend them or you just kill them right before with Hands Upon the Bow.