Boromir's Spare Hood and Cloak

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Roka 670

So, Boromir was fixed by his errata? I don't really think so, because of Spare Hood and Cloak. The plan is simple: Play SHaC on Galadriel or your allies and exhaust them in the combat phase to give Boromir 3 extra combat actions. In the other Phases, use Boromir to give the SHaC back.

The rest is just as simple as before. Boromir with Blood/Fire handles combat, the spirit allies your questing, Arwen Undómiel gives you more ressources (with Elf-friend also to Boromir) and Galdriel with the Mirror brings you all the combo pieces out.


Nov 22, 2017 Seastan 15129

Brilliant! This idea just makes me incredibly happy