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zjensen3 26

Aragorn gets Steward, Roheryn, A Burning Brand, Gondorian Shield, Sword that was Broken, Celebrian's Stone, Ring of Barahir, and unexpected courage. That will allow him to pay for any card in the game and gain 5 resources per turn if Denethor and Arwen send their resources over. With Roheryn, Aragorn can attack first which is nice. The questing power gets pretty ridiculous with Sword that was Broken. Basically a permanent ally Faramir. When he gets all his attachments his stats are:

5WP 3A 4D 8HP. Plus A Burning Brand? That is one strong hero, my friends!

Denethor is the main defense in the beginning, but once some allies get going and Aragorn gets Unexpected Courage, he can shift to secondary defending. Once he gets Unexpected Courage himself and 2X Sword of Numenor, he can defend and attack and then get rich in the process.

Arwen is the main quester and uses silver harp to grab cards here and there.

Erestor and Galdor combine to allow getting 3 cards per turn.

Boromir and Glorfindel get a Raiment of War each, in case there is extra need for defense/attack. If Boromir takes damage, he readies, and Glorfindel can ready with a discard that can be retrieved with Silver Harp.

Treebeard is just a good all around ally that can get 2 actions every other turn.

Elrond is used for whichever is needed at the moment. Ioreth and Warden of Healing is obviously for healing.

If you don't get the early threat reduction, then just use Aragorn's ability. Then with Gandalf and Galadhrim's Greeting + Dwarven Tomb and Will of the West, I don't see threat ever being an issue.

Elven-light can be discarded many different ways, so card draw is pretty spectacular.

I think the synergy in this deck is fantastic and with all the drawing, it should be relatively easy to get it running. You would have to have some pretty awful luck to not get most of the cards you need.

This is my second edition and I think it is much stronger.

I almost put in Peace and Thought and Daeron's Runes, but I think the card draw is so good already, that adding in some attack and defense help is more important.

Let me know what you guys think about it!


Dec 03, 2017 eldub 260

I like this hero lineup, and i'm looking forward to modifying this list to fit how I intend to play it, Toolbox decks with a bunch of singletons and 2x of generally useful cards are definitely in my wheelhouse. Thanks for sharing!

Dec 03, 2017 zjensen3 26

@eldub Thanks! Let me know what you change

Dec 03, 2017 Goggen 21

If you're gonna put that much effort into boosting Aragorn I'd give him both copys of Unexpected Courage and I'd swap out the Sword of Númenor for something different. Even regardsless of the potential in Aragorn it seems to me like a wasted effort to try to make Denethor into an attacker.

Dec 04, 2017 zjensen3 26

@Goggen I agree that it’s probably not the most powerful thing. I was more using it as resource generation but you could very easily swap it with 2 Dunedain Marks and get Aragorn to 5 attack.

One thing about my personal playstyle is I don’t really like having all my attacking power on one character. So for me, I like making Denethor a little more useful, even at the expense of making the deck a little less optimized. But you are probably right about those 2 attachments getting swapped for something better. Thanks for the comment.