Throw Down the Walls

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Our Fellowship for Attack on Dol Guldur
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Authraw 2119

A thematic Silvan deck for Attack on Dol Guldur.

  • I mulligan for Nenya, because that +4 willpower boost early on can be critical
  • After that, I'm using the Mirror of Galadriel to dig for O L√≥rien! and a Bow of the Galadhrim (if nobody else has given Legolas a weapon yet)
  • It's nice that Allies don't have to exhaust to quest on the round they enter play, making them slightly less susceptible to The Necromancer's Rage
  • Ultimately, most of the Allies are transient--they do their thing for a round or two and then they usually get killed off (typically as chump blockers)