The Heirs of Earendil

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Roka 649

Glorfindel (with Asfaloth) and Idraen have been a good combo for long time, but Heirs of Earendil let me take a closer look at them again.

That great thing about these two heroes is nowadays is that they have 6 (!) different traits, which allows you to play not just Heirs of Earendil but also Well Warned and Elrond's Counsel, what counters directly the thrat raise and defensive help with Tale of Tinúviel and Coney in a Trap.

Speaking about defense: Idraen and Glorfindel have a lot of questing and attacking potential, but are lacking defensive strength. So why not pair them with another thematic couple: Aragorn and Arwen Undómiel. You then have more defense boost access with A Burning Brand, Lembas, Blood of Númenor and Desperate Defense. You also don't have to worry about threat raise anymore, so you can even recycle Heirs of Earendil with Dwarven Tomb or Galadhrim Weaver.