Idraen the Swamp

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TalesftCards 4266

This is designed to be a solo Idraen deck. As a caveat, I'll say that Idraen will always be better with more players, since you are just more likely to have locations to clear every round than in solo. Still, Idraen is quite usable solo. Some key things to keep in mind for the deck:

  • Denethor is a combination of scout and defender. Use his ability often to make sure you are avoiding the worst enemies/treacheries and to know when locations are coming out. As a defender, equip him with the tried-and-true combination of Protector of Lorien and A Burning Brand.
  • Asfaloth is an important grab here to help clear out locations faster and to have more control of when they are cleared. Thror's Map helps make traveling more painless since this deck focuses on constantly churning through locations.
  • The Dunedain Pathfinder can help grab locations when they are nowhere in sight, and serves as a useful ally for 0 cost afterwards.
  • A Watchful Peace is a sneaky good card in this deck. Use it to give yourself an easy location as the encounter draw next turn. This also means that you will have a guaranteed location that you can travel to and potentially use to trigger Idraen's ability on a subsequent turn.

That's about it. It's a fairly straightforward deck that leverages control of the encounter deck, good questing power, and a combined 6 attack from Glorfindel and Idraen. Enjoy!


Jan 13, 2018 Beorn 5271

Good stuff, and nice to see Core Set Denethor get some love. It's understandable that the Leadership version outshines the original for many decks, but Lore Denethor's scrying remains unrivaled in solo. A particularly good fit here, as you can use him to filter more locations your way - fuel for your Idraen/Asfaloth engine.

Jan 13, 2018 Beorn 5271

One thing to add, I feel like Robin Smallburrow is a perfect choice for this deck, at least as a sideboard card.

Jan 28, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 745

I wonder if Lore Glorfindel would be a good fit for this deck, just so he could see some play. The resource curve would need to be reworked, though.