Ent Deck (Core Set + Antlered Crown only)

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BeestThouNotInHaste 34

My first tri-sphere deck. Since Ents are my favorite race of Middle Earth, I thought it would be fun to make a deck with them. While I don't have many Ent cards, this deck is still surprisingly powerful. This deck is made for multiplayer, as it takes a while for it to get going. The... suboptimal... choice of heroes is so that someone else can use Theodred or Legolas, both of whom are popular.


  • Resource acceleration: Get Steward on Glorfindel ASAP. This makes it easier for him to heal allies (such as ents or Norther Tracker when playing with a Spirit player). Horn goes on Thalin if you have a bunch of ents in hand, but no Treebeard in play. Else, put it on Glorf; he needs as many resources as he can get. Put Captain of Gondor, The Day's Rising, and Protector of Lorien on Erkenbrand to nearly guarantee an extra resource every turn. Use these resources to play leadership allies to use as chumps in order to activate Horn and Valiant Sacrifice.
  • Card Draw: Chumps + Valiant Sacrifice, Sneak Attack + Valiant Sacrifice, or Steward + Lorien's Wealth. Get Gleowine into play fast.
  • Questing: Only quest when the team needs it. Use Don't Be Hasty to ready Thanlin if you need an extra defender, or Glorfindel if you need more attack.
  • Defense: Chump only when you have Horn in play or are able to play Valiant Sacrifice. Defend with Warden or Erkenbrand when possible. Booming Ents should be declared as defenders against enemies with 3 attack. Use Blade Mastery if they would otherwise be one-shotted. Treebeard blocks bosses.
  • Attacks: One wounded Booming Ent hits for 3. Two hit for 8. Nothing can survive three Ents if they are all wounded.
  • Gandalf's Search: My signature card. Glorfindel gets tons of resources once Steward gets going, and this is a great way to use them; just wait a couple turns, pick a player, and spend ~10 resources to deepsearch their deck.

    Other options

  • If no one in your group is using Theodred, use him over Erkenbrand.
  • If you have Warden of Healing, use Beravor instead of Glorfindel.
  • Use any other Tactics hero over Thalin.

Jan 12, 2018 Kakita_Shiro 26

If you don't need Erkenbrand to tank, then consider Théodred instead for more resource acceleration.

Jan 12, 2018 Kakita_Shiro 26

Oops, didn't read the Other Options section.