Lore/Spirit for A Journey to Rhosgobel.

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swdevlin 13

I wanted to try Lore/Spirit decks.

I figured since athelas is needed to heal Wylador, there is no need to burn through the questing, so I went with Eleanor as my spirit hero. Denethor's peek ability is great to avoid nasty cards in the encounter deck plus root through the encounter deck quicker to find the Athelas. Glorfindel was selected as the primary quester since his ability fires even if tapped. Song of Kings / Steward of Gondor combo to get extra resources on Eleanor. First incarnation of this deck did not have this combo and could not get enough resources on Eleanor for her to get cards into play fast enough.

For starting hand, I want either Lore of Imaldris, Steward of Gondor, or Song of Kings.

I don't injure Wylador to peak at encounter cards when moving to the second quest phase. He's been through enough already.