Into the Pit, Player 1

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Khazad-Dum Campaign, Into the Pit
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mroctober 6

This is the first installment of my wife and I playing through the Khazad-Dum expansion with only the cards that were available at that time. For Khazad-Dum itself, we will play with the same decks for all three missions. For the Dwarrodelf Cycle missions (should we get there), we may change up the decks for each mission. In general, we will prioritize theme over function and will play maps multiple times if necessary before continuing.

We managed to win "Into the Pit" on the first try by the skin of our teeth. Dain died about half way through with Narvi's Belt and Steward of Gondor on him, so that was a huge blow. (There's a nasty shadow card that has you discard the defending character, and he was defending). The Player 2 deck ended with 48 threat, there were three enemies in the staging area, and we had exactly the number of progress tokens we needed to finish the mission. Overall the decks were a success, but I think I will add in Gondorian spearman to the Player 2 deck to pair w/ Thalin.

Please leave comments and suggestions for our future campaigns!

Next up: the seventh level.