Folco in Harad

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Marcelf 259

A deck based on lots of draw and resource generation to make the Harad gameplay steady. Turn 2 we often have 2 big Harad allies in play. The game is not won, but at least the deck worked ;)

The main ideas:

  • Kahliel's ability is great with Captain's Wisdom. that we already knew. But it is also great with Peace, and Thought, which helps a lot the deck to work!
  • In general we play nothing round 1 to be able to generate 3 resources with Tighten Our Belts in the refresh phase. Then always in the refresh phase we play all the draw and the doomed, and we reset immediately with Aragorn.
  • Folco Boffin is discarded when we are set up and then we do not really need his stats and his resource.
  • At the end of the game, I sometimes do the two actions of Heed the Dream to get the missing ally, but when we are there the game is probably already won ... Heed the Dream remains essential at the beginning of the game to get the missing doomed card or Peace, and Thought.
  • I did not integrate Sneak Attack Gandalf because Kahliel's resources are very tense at the beginning of the game, and Folco brings me the drop of threat I need.