Quest Hard and Party Hard

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The (Second) Last Alliance of Men and Elves v 1.1
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Alonewolf87 has updated this deck: Quest Hard and Party Hard

This is the Spirit deck for a 4 Mono-Sphere Decks Fellowship.

The main purposes of this deck are questing hard, managing the threat for the group and cancel treacheries and shadow effects.

Arwen is a fantastic resource accelerator, especially with Silver Harp attached.

Eleanor exhaust almost all the turns since seeing a treachery in a 4 players game is basically granted. If she stay ready she can help defending in a pinch, especially if she gets a Gondorian Shield.

Spirit Glorfindel is his usual self, looking desperately for Light of Valinor and Asfaloth.

Shadows Give Way can be pretty helpful since the players are often getting swarmed by enemies and Beregond can only do so much.

Song of Earendil, The Galadhrim's Greeting and Elrond's Counsel form the threat reduction backbone of the deck. Galadriel's Handmaiden helps too.

Due to the usually low threat of this deck the OHaUH Gandalf is included to be taken advantage as much as possible.

Notable interactions with the other deck.

Stand and Fight can help get a second use of a good ally like Erebor Hammersmith, Miner of the Iron Hills, Squire of the Citadel and so on. Unexpected Courage almost always gets used on Beregond to make him a defending machine. The Steed of the Mark can be played on a lot of heroes around the table. Ancient Mathom can help the other players drawing. Miruvor can help a lot of heroes. Pelargir Shipwright can quite often gets to 4 quest.