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Three Hunters + Two Rings v2
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Psychorocka 378

This is the latest version of my Three Hunters Leadership and Tactics Deck that is played two-handed alongside the following deck: http://www.ringsdb.com/decklist/view/9122/rings-of-power-v2-3.0

Essentially the core strategy is to load up Gimli with defensive attachments and resources (via Steward) turning him into a dedicated and reliable defender that can defend multiple attacks each turn for either deck (via Sentinel) while Legolas and Aragorn, with help from allies and attachments, counter attack and decimate enemies on either side of the board (with lots of Ranged Characters and Aragorn's ability) quickly and efficiently. Gimli's readying ability is essential to this strategy as he can potentially ready either Legolas or Aragorn to free them up for offensive duties or he can ready Elrond to allow for an additional defence instead.

Thanks to both the new Wilds of Rhovanion deluxe box and feedback received from the LOTR Deck Test blog: https://lotrdecktest.wordpress.com/2018/06/18/fellowship-2-three-hunters-two-rings/ I have already made several changes to my decks after only publishing new versions about a month ago. To further complicate things I have made further changes over the last few days. To see the overall deck breakdown and explanation visit version 1.0 and to see the first set of changes to the deck visit version 2.0. Here I will be covering the most recent couple of changes.

As far as the combat deck is concerned only minimal changes were actually made as this deck is a fair bit less complex or nuanced than the questing deck. The two core objectives with the last set of changes to this deck were to cut the deck down to 50 cards and to include a few copies of the amazing new defensive attachment Hauberk of Mail. The Hauberk is ridiculously good on Gimli giving him +1 and +1 for only one resource! It is also amazing on Derndingle Warriors making them even better defenders than they already are and providing a little more safety when activating their ability thanks to having more hitpoints.

Now changes to this deck were possibly even harder to make than those made to the questing deck but in the end I decided on removing the two copies of Proud Hunters and the single copy of Rumil. Proud Hunters, while an amazing resource acceleration card, just didn't seem integral to the decks. Only Legolas or Aragorn would ever receive the resource boost (considering Gimli is rarely on offensive duty) and this would just pay for an expensive tactics ally nine times out of ten. With one less expensive ally in the decks and a lower card count overall I hope that this resource boost will not be quite as necessary anymore. Aragorn and Legolas are heavy hitters on their own anyway and only once you see multiple stronger enemies or the 'boss' of a quest appear is when you begin to need strong combat capable allies in play as well. Arwen can always provide Aragorn with a resource as well if you desperately need that last tactics resource. The two copies of Hauberk of Mail replaced Proud Hunters and after this only a single card needed to be cut to bring the deck down to 50 cards.

Rumil was removed for a few reasons even though he was a strong addition to this deck. His high cost of 4 and often wasted stats were the first and foremost reason. The other allies in this deck that cost 4 have far better combat stats and have abilities that can be used again and again instead of just the once. Treebeard is a one Ent Army once he builds up some resources and Boromir is a damage sponge, fantastic attacker and a great emergency defender. Rumil, due to his very decent 2 in tactics would predominantly be used to quest in the majority of games he saw play meaning his 2 and Ranged keyword were wasted. On top of this the amount of times I have had his ability do nothing whatsoever is certainly just as many if not more than the amount of times it has been useful. Rumil was a strong inclusion in the deck but he was simply not as reliable or consistent as other allies and did not bring quite enough to the table for his high cost.

Now the final change to this deck was the exchange of a particular Silvan ally to another. The two copies of Greenwood Archer were removed and replaced with Naith Guide. Greenwood Archer is a fantastic ally, and in a fellowship where you have powerful heroes like Galadriel and Elrond who can exhaust to trigger amazing abilities but also have stellar stats, his readying ability can be ridiculously strong. The issue is once he is out and in play if there is no combat for him to contribute to he does absolutely nothing with 0 and no defensive capability. His Ranged keyword is also no longer important for Rumil who has been cut from the deck! Now Naith Guide fills a very similar role as the Archer. You can still get double duty out of heroes like Galadriel or Elrond but you just have to do so in a different way. You need to commit them to the quest first (without exhausting them thanks to the Naith Guide) and can then get a second exhaust and use out of them after that point. Now yes the Naith Guide cannot give you an instant readying effect so it doesn't let you use say, Galadriel's ability or Vilya during planning only to immediately ready Elrond or Galadriel but it does remain useful whether or not you have a hero to actually ready. Greenwood Archer requires you to actually have a use for exhausting a hero during planning. Finally once Naith Guide is out and in play she can contribute her 1 each round if her 1 is not needed. Yes we lose the Ranged keyword and a point of attack but at least Naith Guide will be doing SOMETHING each and every turn and her ability will trigger every time she is used unlike Greenwood Archer who certainly whiffs from time to time.

I think that sums everything up! Essentially a few more defensive attachments that are great on both heroes or certain allies and a little less resource acceleration that is hopefully not necessary anymore anyway. Lastly a small boost to questing power with the addition of Naith Guides instead of Greenwood Archers and Faramir has been shifted to the questing deck!