Fastred Chases Away While Bard Shoots

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SamthemanGamgee 218

updated deck

after some playtesting with this deck i found a couple of problems. one, fastred died to easy to a bad shadowcard, or just one nasty enemy. i have added some more defense boosters. another problem was the willpower had a hard time taking off, so i added more allies with higher willpower boosts, like the ethir swordsman.

goal/card choices

get fastred ready to defend and then use bard to attack into the staging area with the great yew bow to finish off the enemy.

-steward of orthanc supplements card draw, as does legolas and foe hammer

-captain of gondor, rainment of war, citadel plate, tides of fate, and hasty stroke all help gastred stay alive

-arwen, ethir swordsman, steward of orthanc, and bofur(if neccessary) provide extra willpower

-nor am i a stranger goes on bard so he can get a spear of the mark so when he uses the bow, he attacks in the staging area for effectively 7

opening hand

look for a defense booster, any card draw or ally with good willpower boost, and the great yew bow. this card is the mos important so mulligan for it or open the armory to try and find it. otherwise thats it so enjoy and have fun