A Hunter from the North

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Agents of the White Council - The Hunt for Gollum
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Onidsen 695

This is a thematic deck for my blog series - Agents of the White Council, desiged to go up against the Hunt for Gollum.

The core mechanic is pretty standard Silvan fare - play Silvan allies for their enters-play effects, bounce them back with events, and play them again later, all the while benefiting from Celeborn's boosts and Galadriel's action advantage.

The interesting bit is that we've chosen Aragorn as a third hero. Between his specialized attachments, we can get access to all four spheres from him, which is exceptionally useful for a Silvan deck, which often wants to be playing cards from at least 3 spheres. Mirror of Galadriel will help us to find the key cards we need to make the deck function, and the Silver Harp we need to defray the discard cost are held in the companion deck, along with the Ring of Barahir.