Hammer and Anvil


Scored ~100 on Hunt for Gollum

Scored 111 on Journey Along the Anduin

138 Escape from Dol Guldur

194 on Escape from Dol Guldur

Brand son of Bain has been the prisoner in both games.. maybe I'll finally be brave enough to go true random, but honestly, if just about anyone else is captured, I don't think this deck does well (because Brand's ability is fairly useless with this setup... that was an oversight on my part, but it has performed well regardless.

Some eagles, combined with Bard the Bowman, Support of the Eagles, and Great Yew Bow make clearing out enemies from the staging area easy. With multiple Yew Bows I can also arm Legolas and quest that much quicker. Without the questing power from Éowyn, however, this deck would absolutely fall apart.

Definitely wouldn't mind getting people's thoughts on this. I definitely know of some of the combos I'm not using, but I wonder if I'm missing anything else easy.