The Iron Hills Burst Forth


These two decks obviously play off the Dwarf trait for some very fun times and plays. The main area of concern, as with all Dwarf decks, is ranged characters to help your partner out if necessary. Please send comments my way if you have an idea for inprovements!


Feb 13, 2017 toxiczammy 149

I might have to suggest running these two dwarf deck with my friend! Thanks for publishing this!

Feb 13, 2017 D4rkWolf10 337

@toxiczammy thank you my friend for the kind words! Good to see you back after a long (it seems) hiatus!

Feb 14, 2017 toxiczammy 149

@D4rkWolf10 No probs, just haven't had the time to publish anything on here between work and life.

Feb 14, 2017 jjohnson111 51

@toxiczammy- I've already been checking these out - you won't have to suggest them. (at least if you were referring to me).
@D4rkWolf10Curious if you specifically looked over LeGimli - I would imagine he would work out pretty well in your 'Spring' deck. I can see how he would be a resource drain, but with We Are Not Idle I would image you could stack him for a few rounds or so :) - Not to mention he has sentinel, so he could block for your battle deck, which is more likely to pump out more damage, particularly if he readies up someone from your Mining deck to hit someone hard! Another thought I had was possibly the Dunedain signal that offers sentinel - and you pop that on Dain and then you get another sweet blocker. Overall though, I love the synergy. If zammy wasn't referring to me, I might just have to get this solo two-handed thing a try with these!

Feb 14, 2017 Kakita_Shiro 25

I guess it's not very thematic, but you could play DĂșnedain Cache for Ranged. Or perhaps some other sources of direct damage, like Hail of Stones

Feb 14, 2017 toxiczammy 149

@jjohnson111 I was referring to you!

Feb 15, 2017 D4rkWolf10 337

@jjohnson111 I actually did not exclude Gimli intentionally, I just went for Thorin Oakenshield since his additional resource generation really helps power out more Dwarves for you. With regards to sentinel, the mining deck actually has quite a lot of it, but I will say I don't know for sure if it really needs someone to sentinel it or not. I played this fellowship most recently against The Morgul Vale, and it did not prove to be anything these decks could not handle despite the lack of ranged. Once I got to the point that my heroes really did not need to quest, Thorin Oakenshield became a dedicated 5 attack strength monster after the mining deck gave him a weapon and I was able to chump block mostly without really sacrificing quest power. The beauty of Dain Ironfoot is that it enabled my less combat oriented dwarves in the mining deck, such as Ered Luin Miner and Zigil Miner, to be used to quest as well if I didn't need any other actions from them. However, I'm sure Gimli would open up other possibilities as well, and if you try changing things up I'd love to hear how it goes for you!

@Kakita_Shiro I like your suggestions, particularly Hail of Stones. Especially if some of my allies in that deck are not needed to quest, the direct damage could be very potent!

Feb 15, 2017 jjohnson111 51

@D4rkWolf10I play Thorin over Dain actually for the same reason in my main deck (Thorin-Ori-Nori) because he makes it easy to set up a great board state very easily. Good to know it beat Morgul Vale - I couldn't beat that quest for the life of me true solo - granted I didn't try my dwarves...was trying to beat it with a Gondor themed deck. I knew my dwarves could handle it though! I'm looking forward to giving these a try together sometime soon if life will allow me!

Feb 15, 2017 D4rkWolf10 337

@jjohnson111 Indeed, it was difficult but they handled it well! I tried multiple Gondor themed decks to get through that quest and frankly it just buried every one of them, so finally I turned here. I am sure it is possible to beat the quest true solo and I would like to return to it someday to try, but for now I'm content to leave it be.

As I was telling @toxiczammy in another thread, I have played with at least one other player on RingsDB over Skype and it has gone well. If you'd like to play that way and we each operate one of these decks feel free. I don't have any sort of local play group in my area, so I'm pretty much limited to either playing by myself or with friends and family over Skype. If this strikes your fancy feel free to add me, same username. Best of luck if you play two handed with the decks, I'd be curious to hear what you think and how you do!

Feb 16, 2017 jjohnson111 51

Have you used OCTGN in the past or anything? Or are you on a Mac, which can't run OCTGN? I have played games there in the past, and do have to admit I love how quick you can set up a game and get it rolling there.

Feb 16, 2017 D4rkWolf10 337

I have never used OCTGN, but I could try to mess around with that. I'm not super tech savvy but I'm not against trying!

Feb 16, 2017 toxiczammy 149

Count me in if you guys do this!

Feb 18, 2017 jjohnson111 51

@D4rkWolf10 - here is a great tutorial video of running lotr in OCTGN that I used when i started using OCTGN for quick set ups and such so i could play at whatever hour. I don't play often on there due to the restriction of only being PC-enabled (due to laptop being a chromebook for instance) but it works pretty well overall!

Feb 19, 2017 jjohnson111 51

I thought I had left a link...but...apparently not? Here we go with a second try:

Feb 21, 2017 D4rkWolf10 337

@jjohnson111 my apologies for not responding sooner. Life has been busy the last week or so. I am hoping to mess with OCTGN this week and if I can get it figured out I would be happy to try to play some games with you and @toxiczammy. Any particular day good or bad for you two?

Feb 21, 2017 toxiczammy 149

Tuesday or Saturday would be my preferred days.

Feb 28, 2017 D4rkWolf10 337

@toxiczammy, @jjohnson111, I got OCTGN up and working and I'm currently creating all the scenarios now, so if you'd like to play sometime this weekend just let me know. I am on EST I don't know where you two are but let me know what you'd like to do. I'm happy to play whatever, although I have not cropped and scanned the newest images into OCTGN as I'm not sure how to do that. So I only have images for up to the 4th Grey Havens AP.

Mar 01, 2017 toxiczammy 149

@D4rkWolf10 This Saturday might work.