Journey down the Anduin - Nightmare


Eowyn+Boromir can one-shot the Hill Troll in turn one. (Hopefully Beregond draws Gondorian Shield)

Denethor's ability with Wealth of Gondor can help pay for a first turn Radagast. Radagast also helps with early game questing.

Use Beravor's card draw on the Outlands deck until you're getting adequate willpower, then use card draw for the Eagles deck.

Of course, mulligan for Secret Paths to deal with Gladden Marshlands.

See individual deck descriptions for more info.


Apr 18, 2018 Denison 293

Good tech for the quest. It never occurred to me to use Wealth of Gondor across the table. My mind has always inserted "hero you control" on that card. Even better!