Wealth of Gondor

Event. Cost: 0.

Action: Choose a Gondor hero. Add 1 resource to that hero's resource pool.

Kings made tombs more splendid than houses of the living, and counted old names in the rolls of their descent dearer than the names of sons. The Two Towers
Darek Zabrocki

Heirs of Númenor #6. Leadership.

Wealth of Gondor

I think that this card real strength lies in its versatility in the right Fellowship, where you might be able to send the resource towards the right player at exactly the right moment. Before the staging step the Spirit player with Eleanor ended up spending all the resources and cannot afford its A Test of Will? Wealth of Gondor. During the encounter phase the mono-Lore deck with Damrod has only one resource and cannot play Advance Warning so that you can engage exactly the enemies you want? Wealth of Gondor. Prince Imrahil has no resource during the combat phase? Wealth of Gondor and so forth.