Ally. Cost: 5. 1   3   1   4  

Creature. Eagle.


Landroval cannot have restricted attachments.

Response: After a hero card is destroyed, return Landroval to his owner's hand to put that hero back into play, with 1 damage token on it. (Limit once per game.)

Allison Theus

A Journey to Rhosgobel #53. Tactics.


Landroval is awesome. Five resources is steep, but for three attack, I'm game. He's a willpower in tactics, and a sentinel defender, so he can do whatever that needs done. His ability is game-changing and such a relief when you have it to trigger. Compared to the other hero-necro effects, this is gold. Fortune or Fate won't give you three attack, and Houses of Healing exhausts characters just to make it affordable. As long as Caleb doesn't release a one HP hero, I'll keep playing big bird.