Escort from Edoras

Ally. Cost: 2. 2   0   0   1  


While committed to a quest, Escort from Edoras gets +2

Forced: After resolving a quest to which Escort from Edoras was committed, discard Escort from Edoras from play.

Mark Winters

A Journey to Rhosgobel #55. Spirit.

Escort from Edoras

Escort from Edoras is a very powerful card, though by the looks of things, he could probably use a bit more sleep. Think of it as a two cost event that grants plus four willpower with a good chance of Theoden's cost reduction. You'd play it, right? When he's discarded, he'll fuel all sorts of Rohan discard shenanigans and is a good candidate for Gamling's ability.

Ok, so if you have Lothiriel and put him into play that way, where does he go afterward? The discard pile, or shuffled back into the deck? — Mad Morderan 135
He would go in the discard because his effect resolves after quest resolution and her effect shuffles at the end of the quest phase. — Beowulf_Cadmus 1
If you have 2 Escort of Edoras committed to quest do they each get +4? — BeowolfMN 116
No, each copy of Escort from Edoras references itself (and not other copies of Escort from Edoras). — ironwill212 1101