Rear Guard

Event. Cost: 1.

Quest Action: Discard a ally to give each hero committed to this quest +1 until the end of the phase.

In the dark at the rear, grim and silent, walked Aragorn.
The Fellowship of the Ring
Lin Bo

The Hills of Emyn Muil #74. Leadership.

Rear Guard

Rear Guard is one of those cards that are fun ideas, but in practice, end up not really working. You're paying one resource and discarding an ally (which aren't huge restrictions in leadership) to get maybe three extra willpower. Obviously, this can grow exponentially in multiplayer, but it's really not worth it.

I cannot agree with Wandalf The Gizzard. This is good card, the more players the better. With Snowbourn Scout you get 3-12 Willpower and 1 progres token for 2 resources. — Szewniak 14
On average in multiplayer, there are 4-5 heroes committed to the quest. Just escort from edoras is much simpler and nearly as effective — LEGOlas 121
Core Faramir does the same thing. But in a better way — StewofGondor1 27
Everyone has made a valid points. I would like to add that it synergizes well with Prince Imrahil (for the readying) and Eomer (for the attack boost). — Ring Maker 178