Ride to Ruin

Event. Cost: 1.

Action: Discard a Rohan ally to choose a location. Place 3 progress tokens on that location.

"Death! Ride, ride to ruin and the world's ending!"
Éomer, The Return of the King
Erfian Asafat

The Hills of Emyn Muil #78. Spirit.

Ride to Ruin

Ride to Ruin is a very good card, but doesn't capture the epicness of the moment it's inspired from. Let's just call it one resource for three progress since you'll probably get a benefit from losing that Rohan ally. I don't now anyone that wouldn't want that, especially considering the fact that it can explore a location before quest resolution.

You wouldn’t get that ally’s discard effect in addition to this event’s discard a — Cram 97
Action* — Cram 97
@copterman that is true. However, in the Rohan archetype allies are intended to be discarded for passive effects as well. Tactics Eomer, Eomund, and Gamling are some examples :) — Uruk-guy 294
Can the ally be discarded from hand or just from play? — edgarmolas 1
Only from play, I think — GreenWizard 234