We Do Not Sleep

Event. Cost: 5.

Action: Until the end of the phase, Rohan characters do not exhaust to commit to quests.

"But we must ride more warily; for war is abroad, and the Rohirrim, the Horse-lords, do not sleep, even if it seems so from afar." Gandalf, The Two Towers
Lin Bo

The Dead Marshes #101. Spirit.

We Do Not Sleep

We do not Sleep is a terrible card. Grim Resolve, for example, costs the same amount of resources, but affects every character on the board. Add to that, the fact that with Grim Resolve, you could use characters to participate in combat twice, or once and then trigger an ability that requires exhaustion. Outside of some Mutual Accord shenanigans, this really just won't work.

Would you say a cost reduction to 4 would make it work and still keep balance? I'm thinking about playing it that way.. — Mumm 1
Also, Grim Resolve costs five leadership resources, which almost always are abundant, especially compared to spirit resources. — Beregond 7
Cost for value, I don't see this being worth more than 3. At best a player advances a step and either gets more garbage in the staging area or maybe pulls out a win which was already probably in jeopardy. — MarvelsTold 4