Dawn Take You All

Event. Cost: 2.

Play after shadow cards have been dealt, before any attacks have resolved.

Combat Action: Each player may choose and discard 1 facedown shadow card from an enemy with which he is engaged.

"Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!" Gandalf, The Hobbit
Ben Zweifel

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Dawn Take You All

Dawn Take you All is not that good. It's good in theory, paying two resources to cancel up to four shadow effects, but it doesn't really work in practice. There's always the chance that the shadow cards don't have effects, or much more frequent, that more enemies will be engaged with one player than the others. There are just to many other better options.

Situationally amazing. If enemies have forced effects that trigger based on the shadow card it can be great. Recently played Lonely Mountain from OtD and this card was vital to avoiding chaining attacks from Smaug — Quetzal513 94
In high count player Fellowship it can sometimes be quite useful, even if you do not cancel shadow effects it can leave you more free to take some undefended weak attacks. It has also more situational uses like setting up an Armored Destrier double defense, avoid enemies with effects which triggers on having or not shadow effects, making Carn Dum a bit easier and so forth. — Alonewolf87 2258
Players hold this card while keeping an eye on the encounter discard pile. I'm guessing, but I'd be surprised if any set has below 25% shadow effect occurrence. This is good peace of mind for important rounds — MarvelsTold 4