Ally. Cost: 3. 2   1   1   3  


Quest Action: Spend 1 resource to put Bofur into play from your hand, exhausted and committed to a quest. If you quest successfully this phase and Bofur is still in play, return him to your hand.

"Get up lazy-bones..." The Hobbit
Ilich Henriquez

The Redhorn Gate #6. Spirit.


Bofur is a good ally with a very clutch ability. Three resources for two willpower isn't bad, especially with a whopping three health. He's even better in a dwarf deck, but still stellar outside of one. His ability comes in very handy in the early rounds of the game where you're more likely to quest unsuccessfully and need the cheap willpower. He could just be used as a sneak attack whenever you happen to need a spot more willpower. For that reason I think he's a good candidate for almost every deck with spirit. of course there is a tactics Bofur ally, which could provide uniqueness conflicts in multiplayer, but I think that detracts nothing from this one's power.