Keeping Count

Attachment. Cost: 0.

Attach to a hero. Limit 1 per hero.

Attached hero gets +1 for each resource token on another copy of Keeping Count that is above the current number of resource tokens on this card.

Forced: After attached hero attacks and destroys an enemy, place 1 resource token on this card.

Mark Tarrisse

The Redhorn Gate #5. Tactics.

Keeping Count

Designed squarely for fans of the source material, but infamously bad. Making this useful requires drawing two copies of it; drawing one of them EARLY, like first or second turn; and encountering enough easy enemies to boost it decently. It also makes itself worse once you start actually using its bonus, unless the characters always attack together. However, it might not be as bad as perceived, because you're not required to attach them both at once. It might be viable if you have good card draw and a main attacker - say Legolas, who wants to kill something every turn - and include three of this hoping to get one in your opening hand. At some point you draw into more copies, and you can just attach them when needed to make temporary boss slayers out of other heroes. There's surely more reliable ways to get attack boosts, but it is free, after all...