Friend of Friends

Attachment. Cost: 1.


Attach to a Hobbit hero. Limit 2 copies of Friend of Friends in play.

While another hero has Friend of Friends attached, attached hero gets +1 , +1 , +1 and +1 hit point.

"Come, Mr. Frodo!" he cried, "I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you and it as well." Sam Gamgee, The Return of the King
Aleksander Karcz

The Mountain of Fire #12. Neutral.

Friend of Friends

I don't think this is a card people use very often in their hobbit decks.

Personally, I always try to include it in my hobbit decks because the theme is just so good. It perfectly embodies the support Sam gives to Frodo in their journey across Middle-Earth.

But, how good is the card? +1 in each stat on a hero is always amazing, but it comes with a heavy reastriction. 2 copies of the card need to be in play for the ability to come into effect. This makes it akward as only three copies can be included in a deck. This means we need to get 2/3 cards into play to get any value out of it.

Of course, this is assuming the card exists in a vacuum. These days, there are many ways to help ensure we get both copies in play. Gather Information, Drinking Song, Master of the Forge, Galadriel, Imladris Stargazer, Mirror of Galadriel, and Word of Command are just a few.

Sam Gamgee and Tom Cotton make great use out of this card especially with Fast Hitch or Unexpected Courage.

Of course, does this card do anything that Rosie Cotton doesn't do better? Rosie is significantly more consistant to set up and has comparable benefits. So, not really.

TLDR: This isn't an amazing card, nor is it an outright terrible card. It's an okay card, but most importantly it is a fun card. That last point is the takeaway. We play and love this game because it is enjoyable. Anythong that increases that enjoyment gets a pass in my book. Hence, why I love this card so much. Hopefully I convinced someone to give this card a second look.

Personally I always add it in my Bond of Friendship Hobbit decks, since it's a cheap neutral card and with Gather Information and the heavy card draw of those decks I can usually find both copies before the game's end. It was quite crucial in my Saga attempts, making Fatty and Sam a duo to be reckoned with. — Alonewolf87 1620
Its especially good with Fast Hitch or At the End of All Things hobbit decks. I made one that used it heavily: — NERD 522