Rivendell Blade

Attachment. Cost: 1.

Item. Weapon.

Attach to a Noldor or Silvan character. Restricted.

When attached character attacks an enemy, that enemy gets -2 until the end of the phase.

Sara Biddle

Road to Rivendell #31. Tactics.

Rivendell Blade

Looking at Rivendell Blade, a variety of restrictions stand out. The character must be Noldor or Silvan, the card is restricted, and the effect reduces defense, instead of directly boosting attack. However Rivendell Blade is still a very good card. You can attach it to any of those good Silvan attacking allies, while Elladan, Legolas, Haldir, and Mithlond Sea-Watcher are all good targets as well. The defense reduction is very nice and frankly, if the enemy has low enough defense to render the blade useless, it's probably puny enough to kill outright anyway. Very good card.

Fantastic weapon assuming you have some high attack elves. Only thing not mentioned above is that unlike other weapons which increase the attack of the attacker....this is susceptible to "Immune to Player Card Effect" enemies. Since this card reduces the enemies shield, it does not work against immune enemies. Just something worth keeping in mind for big boss scenarios. — thereelaristotle 7