Watcher of the Bruinen

Ally. Cost: 2. 0   1   2   2  

Noldor. Warrior.


Watcher of the Bruinen does not exhaust to defend.

Forced: After Watcher of the Bruinen defends, either discard it from play or discard 1 card from your hand.

Kristina Carroll

The Watcher in the Water #56. Tactics.

Watcher of the Bruinen

Watcher of the Bruinen is a card I've never really use much, probably due to Tactics' card draw deficiency. He is however, still a pretty good card despite the fact that if he's taking so many attacks, he'll probably be destroyed. He does synergize with the Noldor stuff like Mithlond Sea-Watcher, but the only Tactics Noldor hero is Elladan; who mandates some version of Elrohir. Still a good card.

Watcher + Raiment of War can be an excellent defensive combo. You can get a lot of mileage out of 3 defence and a followup 2 attack in most quests. — Edheliad 21